eye for pink

I went to target to get hot dog buns and left with a dizzying array of pink items. I did get the hot dog buns, but sadly they didn't have pink packaging. Funny thing is, I talked a big game about how I wouldn't dress my daughter in pink frilly things. That pretty much went out the window as you can see. I couldn't resist this teeny ombre bathing suit or the pink striped skirt for myself. Everything else was a "necessity". 

nails of the week: pink glitter

I pained this color on my toes last week and remembered how happy this shade of pink makes me. Coincidentally it is Essie's Forget Me Nots. 

dinner and a picnic

So, last night we had a more Byron friendly picnic. We ate a delicious vegan and RAW dinner from the Triangle Raw Foods truck...at a picnic table. Then went to the park to lay on a blanket while we digested our surprisingly filling dinner. 

We had two amazing salads. The one on the left was sweet potato and apple with a black pepper vinaigrette. The one on the right was asian marinated kale. I honestly dont know what was in the sushi roll. It was a raw, vegan take on a tuna roll. As with most meals, the dessert is my favorite part. Chocolate almond butter cups and some kind of spicy sea salt chocolate bar. I don't remember the exact flavor, they pretty much had me at chocolate bar. The lovely lady on the far right is Shotgun Betty, locally brewed and the only beer that I really enjoy.


Sweet little baby had to get her shots today. She was feeling a bit sore so I took her outside for some healing warmth from the sun. A giant dragonfly caught her eye. I told her it was a fairy, come to make sure she will feel better soon. She is now asleep in my lap, lulled quite by the sounds of Iron & Wine. 

art walk

 Byron took me for my first visit to the art museum. These were a few of my favorite things. 
I love all of the portraits of dukes and duchesses. I always wonder what they were thinking as they sat for their painting. Especially when they are painted with 4 of their children. I like to imagine how all of their decorum probably went out the window when trying to coordinate 4 velvet clad children to sit still for hours. 
This silver belle is an ornate spice container.
The Mesoamericans were clearly as obsessed with their chihuahuas as I am with mine. There was a bowl in this same display that was labeled as Deer? It was clearly a chihuahua. 
This restroom marquis made me laugh. She's so fashionable. 
The art museum has a walking path with art displayed outside. We will have to go back to do the whole walk as it was raining when we left the buildings.
Overall it was a fantastic (and free!) way to spend the afternoon.

peas in a tacky pod

Our respective "workplaces" had tacky days today. It was a super silly coincidence. We both did our part to look our tacky and whacky best.

our little family

It was a nice weekend for us. Not too many outings, just time spent together. We convinced tiny dog that baby's feet were good for licking. Baby found that daddy's beard is good for touching. I found that baby's cheeks are good for kissing. 

nails of the week: LAB WEEK 2012

It's Lab Week! Officially known as National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Unofficially known as the best week of work ever! We celebrate with food, educational presentations, games and overall giddiness while working hard to provide doctors with the information they need to care for patients. I am proud to be a Medical Laboratory Professional so I dedicate this weeks nails to clinical chemistry, microbiology, hematology, blood banking, urinalysis, blood gas and the many more areas of the laboratory that get results.

records and rootbeer

It's record store day... well, really any day could be record store day for me. I do tend to only look through the 99cent section and the kids section (most of which are 99cents). Most of my favorite records are ones that I found on the cheapiest of cheaps. I think it's a lot like clothes shopping. It's the hunt for the diamond in the rough that make it the most enjoyable. Then there is the sound of the little scratches and imperfections that give the songs character when you hear the record play. I love that. 

nails of the week

Cupcakes! If only I had ten actual vanilla cupcakes.

wilmington part 3: beach babe

Byron, Auntie and I took baby for her first visit to the beach! It was so funny to see her smile at the ocean and dig her little toes in the sand. The water was cold, but she faced it like a true sea-lover. I hope we will share many more salty days on the sand and in the surf. I took a smooth pebble to remember this day by. I hope Alice will never outgrow the need to collect seashells as keepsakes.  

wilmington part 2: the beach feeds my soul

Maybe it is because I grew up in Florida. Maybe it is because we are all made of the same salty water as the sea. Whatever the reason...I love the ocean! I love the smell of the salt water. I love the feel of seashells under my feet. I love the sound of the waves rolling in and the calls of the birds overhead. I even love the way the salt and sand sticks to my skin. I crave time spent on the beach. Anytime. Day or night. Warm or cold. Even if it is just for a few moments, time spent on the beach feeds my soul just enough until I can see the ocean again.

wilmington part 1: azalea festival

We spent the warm weekend in Wilmington visiting family and friends. The Azalea Festival was going on downtown so we walked along the river just long enough for Rosy to make a friend and Byron to meet a wizard.

friday evening picnic

Before we left town on Saturday we had a lovely picnic in Durham Friday night. The food trucks were gathered around Durham Central Park and we enjoyed some dinner from Old North State BBQ. Byron preferred to dine at a table instead of on the ground with us girls. To his defense, he did order the "Trough."Alice and I played on her quilt while we waited for daddy to finish his dinner. I love how her eyes are still blue just like the Carolina sky.

nursery decor

Decorating my daughter's room was so much fun. I decided to make the bedding and curtains myself. I ordered this japanese fabric from superbuzzy. The cheshire cat and white rabbit were made by my very crafty and talented friend Beth. Everyday when I was pregnant I drove past this beautiful house with this magical garden behind it. A picture of it is framed and hanging in the nursery. I feel like the red door just screams follow me down the rabbit hole. 

vegan potato salad

Yesterday I was craving potato salad. The sunny weather just puts me in a picnic, backyard BBQ kinda mood. This recipe is from my grandmother who got it from my cousin who got it from...who knows. It doesn't really matter, it's awesome! It uses red potatoes that have been roasted in olive oil with salt and pepper, garlic, the usual mustard and mayo (vegan if you want) and the kicker- dill! It is super easy too. Just roast the potatoes and let them cool in the fridge. Then toss everything together and eat with not dogs!   Speaking of not dogs, that cat is Mr. Smokey Bones. He watched me make it from the window and agreed that it looked delicious.

the pig

We discovered this restaurant fairly recently and I love it! There aren't many BBQ spots that have vegan options, and by options I mean more than one choice on the menu. They also take care with the meats that they serve...hormone free, pasture raised and loved piggies. They have a cool and somewhat creepy metal pig sculpture out front...its head was kinda twisted the last time we went making it all the more creepy. Hopefully they will restore it to its rightful glory. Oh, and their french fries and super duper tasty.

nails of the week

My mom gave me this pink glitter. It is so pretty and sparkly. The dark color is Essie carry on. I'm counting on the glitter tips to prevent chips- so far so good.

hug your dog

My parents informed me this evening that today was Hug Your Dog Day. A wonderful holiday indeed. Especially for Mrs. Poses, she is sadly second fiddle since we had a baby. We still love her lots and it's always nice to be reminded to stop and give her a hug (and a kiss).

11 things i'm thankful for

Whew, it's been a rough few days. I'm finally starting to feel better so I thought I would list the 11 things that have helped me get through the past week.
1    antibiotics
2    humidifier
3    vaporub
4    saline nasal spray
5    tissues...lots and lots of tissues
6    a helpful husband
7    Amy's vegetable barley soup
8    baby smiles (the best medicine)
9    Dawson's Creek streaming on Amazon
10  RECHARGE (it's like gatorade but with real fruit juice)
11  sunny days

easter basket

Grandma always sends us gifts for the holidays. A duck Easter basket all filled with goodies. Most of it was for baby- Grandma can't resist. None of it was for Mrs. Poses, but she's thrilled just to watch us open presents. Now we have a duck filled with candy on our coffee table and I have plans to go shopping! Thanks mom!

Oh, and then this happened...

how to- baby wipes

These wipes are awesome! They clean up baby better than any disposable wipe! If you are already using cloth diapers, you should defiantly consider using cloth wipes.

1. All you will need is cotton flannel cut into 7x7 inch squares, tea tree oil, any baby soap (I use Mustela no rinse cleansing fluid that I received as a baby shower gift)
2-7. Folding the squares so they pop up like normal wipes is the hardest part. The pictures describe the actions you will take.
8. You should have a tall stack of wipes.
9. In a clean, empty wipe container...
10. I use 5 squirts of the cleansing fluid. If you are using soap, you will probably only need 1 squirt.
11. 2 drops of tea tree oil (it is a natural antibiotic)
12. Fill the container about half full with water
13. Add your stack of wipes and squish them so they soak up the liquid
14. Flip your stack over and squish again. You may need to add more water if your wipes are not all soaked through. You will then squeeze out any excess liquid...you want the wipes damp, not soaked.
*If the wipes are too wet they could cause diaper rash*
Finally, put your lid on, pull the first wipe up and change a diaper to get a happy baby!

Helpful hints:
When you first wash your cotton flannel squares they will fray...a lot. If you want to, sew the edges or serge them. They will probably still fray for the first two washings then settle after that.
Keep a bag for the clean and dry wipes with your cloth diapers. Whenever you wash everything just add the clean wipes to the bag. When your wipes start to run low, repeat the process.

*A very eco-friendly, crafty mom taught me how to do this. I have only met her once and I do not know her name. If I see her again I will update this how-to and give her credit for this idea.

baby quilt

Our friend, Stepha, made us this adorable baby quilt. I love the vintage look of the fabric and the way she sewed the lines crooked. It looks beautifully handmade. We are hoping to see Alice roll over on it soon. We have so many handmade items that friends gave us for baby. I will make sure to document them all.


We all seem to be a bit under the weather lately. It's still early in the day so there is plenty of time to get the groceries and do the laundry. For now, we shall relax, listen to some records and cuddle in the sunlight.

nails of the week

I am obsessed with painting my nails. Pinterest has been such an creative inspiration to me. I love trying different designs, colors, stickers and techniques. I only have time to paint my nails once a week, so I need a manicure that will hold up to constant hand washing and glove wearing. This polish is one of my most cherished brands. It seriously lasts a whole week without chipping. I also find that a top coat of glitter polish will make any polish last longer and really...who doesn't want more glitter in their lives.

sunday lunch

Noon on Sunday was quite pleasant. Byron sipped a dark and stormy made with The Parlour's lime sorbet. I devoured a vegan chocolate shake (with chocolate chips) that was so amazing, I forgot to snap a picture of it. Baby enjoyed a bumpy walk that put her fast asleep and a nap in the warm sunshine.