dinner and a picnic

So, last night we had a more Byron friendly picnic. We ate a delicious vegan and RAW dinner from the Triangle Raw Foods truck...at a picnic table. Then went to the park to lay on a blanket while we digested our surprisingly filling dinner. 

We had two amazing salads. The one on the left was sweet potato and apple with a black pepper vinaigrette. The one on the right was asian marinated kale. I honestly dont know what was in the sushi roll. It was a raw, vegan take on a tuna roll. As with most meals, the dessert is my favorite part. Chocolate almond butter cups and some kind of spicy sea salt chocolate bar. I don't remember the exact flavor, they pretty much had me at chocolate bar. The lovely lady on the far right is Shotgun Betty, locally brewed and the only beer that I really enjoy.


  1. do you mind if I share this on Triangle Raw Foods' facebook page? The pictures are awesome!

    1. Not at all. Please share away!

  2. That Betty she is so delicious!