how to- baby wipes

These wipes are awesome! They clean up baby better than any disposable wipe! If you are already using cloth diapers, you should defiantly consider using cloth wipes.

1. All you will need is cotton flannel cut into 7x7 inch squares, tea tree oil, any baby soap (I use Mustela no rinse cleansing fluid that I received as a baby shower gift)
2-7. Folding the squares so they pop up like normal wipes is the hardest part. The pictures describe the actions you will take.
8. You should have a tall stack of wipes.
9. In a clean, empty wipe container...
10. I use 5 squirts of the cleansing fluid. If you are using soap, you will probably only need 1 squirt.
11. 2 drops of tea tree oil (it is a natural antibiotic)
12. Fill the container about half full with water
13. Add your stack of wipes and squish them so they soak up the liquid
14. Flip your stack over and squish again. You may need to add more water if your wipes are not all soaked through. You will then squeeze out any excess want the wipes damp, not soaked.
*If the wipes are too wet they could cause diaper rash*
Finally, put your lid on, pull the first wipe up and change a diaper to get a happy baby!

Helpful hints:
When you first wash your cotton flannel squares they will fray...a lot. If you want to, sew the edges or serge them. They will probably still fray for the first two washings then settle after that.
Keep a bag for the clean and dry wipes with your cloth diapers. Whenever you wash everything just add the clean wipes to the bag. When your wipes start to run low, repeat the process.

*A very eco-friendly, crafty mom taught me how to do this. I have only met her once and I do not know her name. If I see her again I will update this how-to and give her credit for this idea.

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