bff date night

Beth and I had a much needed "date night" that started with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Jade Palace. When we lived in the same apartment complex we would order delivery from the palace all of the time. Their orange tofu is amazing, so is their moo shu tofu, and their teriyaki tofu. They have so many vegetarian options and they are all delicious and fast.

We then took a lovely stroll in the twilight to the planetarium rose garden. We tried our best to be fashionable but mostly we were just silly. The roses were beautiful and smelled like summer nights.
It was such a pleasant evening away from all of the stresses of the week. Sometimes just seeing a friendly face reminds me how lucky I am and what a rich life I lead. 

all star

I am so in love with this vintage shirt that I bought last week. It makes me feel so country cute and happy. It is light and airy and perfect for the summer heat that had descended upon us. My custom chucks (bridesmaid gift) have become my go to shoes of late. There is just something about red shoes.

11 things that I'm thankful for

11 things that I am thankful for 
1    fluffy clouds
2    rainbows
3    unexpected, but much needed flowers delivered from a friend
4    an amazing husband who spent his holiday weekend taking care of baby and removing a tick from the
      chihuahuas eye (eww)
5    sweet potatoes
6    hand holding
7    texts from my mom
8    Blue Sky organic ginger ale
9    dinner out 
10  working at a hospital over a holiday weekend as opposed to being in the hospital over a holiday
11  all of those who served or who are serving in the US Armed Forces. We live the lives we do because of you!

nails of the week: checkered

I realized that I have been painting my nails light colors a lot lately. I used to always wear my nails dark. I kinda miss it. I guess this is kind of in between. This polish is awesome, it really will last and not chip. The colors are lava red and hard metal. My friend Ambrose gave me the idea to do a checkered pattern this weekend. It was pretty easy. I just used cut pieces of scotch tape. 

waffles without chicken

We met for a late lunch at Dame's on my day off work. They serve, you guessed it, chicken and waffles. Personally, I abstain from the chicken. Luckily they have a vegan waffle and fresh fruit. Dame's is always busy because it is so good. While we waited for our food we drew on the table cloth (that's encouraged) and let Alice create her first piece of art (see below). I think she shows some talent. The food was quick and delicious and the company was delightful. 

vintage fun

I have been meaning to stop in Dolly's for sometime now. Every time we are in Durham for dinner we drive by it and I look longingly at the adorable storefront of their new location. I had the perfect excuse to do some shopping there today. I am attending a 50's themed bridal shower in a few weeks and was in desperate need of a housewife-esque dress. To get in the spirit of vintage shopping I did my daytime pin up makeup and hair, rolled my jeans up and wore my grandmother's strawberry t-shirt. Dolly's has the most amazing array of items, new and old. I really enjoyed looking through their amazing collection of vintage clothing and their prices are very reasonable. There are so many cute things tucked in corners and hanging on the walls. It is impossible to take it all in on one visit. I guess I'll have to go back.

I tried on this amazing navy blue polka dot dress. Sadly, it was a bit small, but so cute! I did end up finding my housewife dress and two cute shirts as well as this red number that I will now refer to as my June Carter-Cash dress. Now, I just need to find a honkey tonkey with a juke box.

I don't want to wait...

I might be a little unabashadley obsessed with Dawson's Creek. You know, the late 90's drama featuring a group of quick-witted teenagers and their angst against a backdrop of the seaside town of Capeside. Maybe it's the 90's references and fashion or the familiar scenery (it was filmed in and around Wilmington, NC) that draws me to the creek whenever I get a free hour or four. Whatever it is I sometimes feel like I am alone in my ardent appreciation for Kevin Williamson's creation. I'd like to think that there are more creek lovers out there and maybe they are just embarassed to admit their love for the neverending drama that is Dawson's Creek. On my many trips to Wilmington I have walked by Joey's wall and driven by Capeside High and I smile a little at the memories that the show has left with me. I miss Pacey, Jen, Joey's anger and Dawson's tears. Then I get home and take a little trip to the creek and bask in the nostalgia. I vow to take the Dawson's Creek walking tour sometime this year! I hope I won't be alone. Is there anyone out there who appreciates the creek like I do?

bachlorette beach house

I spent a lovely weekend in a fantastic beach house on the Carolina coast with a vibrant group of ladies. We gathered from far and wide to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of my friend and future cousin-might as well be sister-in-law, Jordan. She is marrying a strapping man named Gordon. Gordon & Jordan! How cute is that! We had a fabulous weekend in Jordan's grandmother's beach house. It was so special hanging out and getting to see Jordan in the house that she spent so much of her childhood in. Jordan is an amazingly energetic, positive and fun gal and I am so pleased that we really cemented our friendship over the weekend. Jordan is lucky to have some amazing friends and after this weekend I count myself lucky that they have become my friends as well. We had so much fun listening to records, lounging on the beach, thrift store shopping and telling dirty jokes. Alice came with me and napped on the beach, bonded with Jordan's niece (16 mo Vivian), went to bed early and laughed hysterically whenever Jordan would talk to her. So many fun memories! I can't wait to get pin-up ready with these ladies and get our girl hitched!


Ahh, the twitter was all abuzz about two food truck rodeos in the area. As soon as Byron got home from work I told him that was what I wanted for dinner. There are two approaches to such rodeos. One, pick a truck and get your dinner. Two, sample different foods from several trucks like you would at the fair. I was in a mood to lounge in the park so I decided the second option would be best.

We were pleased to discover this truck tonight. I think Byron was drawn to them because of their name but was then absolutely taken with their local pastrami grilled sandwich. It's too bad he didn't wear his Stones shirt.

I have had the dumplings at Chirba Chirba several times. They are amazing! I've been on a cold salad kick lately so I was very pleased that they were offering a noodle salad. It was so flavorful and beautifully "plated." Isn't that little dumpling face just the cutest thing. 

Will & Pops is another new truck for me. I have seen them around but have never tried them. They also had a pasta salad (vegan) that was super yummy. I would like to visit them again for their PB & banana sandwich. Then there is The Parlour. Ahh, The Parlour. I actually wasn't planning on getting any ice cream since I do have two pints of their delicious blends in my freezer, but they got me with their vegan chocolate syrup. I love their color scheme and business card, so happy and sweet.

  It was a fantastic evening. Even under the threat of thunderstorms we were able to have a picnic, eat amazing local foods and chat with several friends who live nearby. I can't wait to go to another rodeo.

outside art

We finally made our way back to the NCMA. This time Alice was awake and alert and enjoyed the bright colors. We enjoyed a quick walk outside to view the art under a beautiful sky. I really like massive art. The kind that you stare at and wonder how did they do that and get it here. Apparently backhoes were involved for these installations. I would like to go back and take the full art walk. Maybe in the fall when the air is cooler. Until then...


Let me introduce you to the most special lady in my life (besides the little miss of course), my BFF Beth. We have been friends for probably 15 years. A few years ago I was lucky enough to have her move to the same town as me. It is so special having such a close friend so close by. We try to have weekly girl dates to catch up on each other's lives, shop and dine. Don't let her blond locks fool you, she is one of the smartest people I know! She is also charming, funny and has a fabulous taste for fashion! I'm not just saying this because her mom reads my blog either (you raised a great girl, Bobbie)! I know we will probably not always live as close as we do now. I really cherish our time together and I can't wait to see what life has in store for her. I love you Beth! 

I hope these little goslings (baby geese, not Ryan) grow up to be bestest sister friends too! 

nails of the week: easy birds

I have never used these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips before. I couldn't pass up these cute little birds. They are super shiny metallic too. There is definitely a learning curve using these things though. I need a little more practice getting them straight and next time I will get a design that doesn't have to be right side up. For now though I have adorable little birdies on my nails and some extra time since I didn't have to wait for my nails to dry. 

mother's day

 This is the moment that I became a mom. I was in love instantly. That is the only way I can describe the connection I felt. She looked me right in the eye and I was done for. I never really truly understood what motherhood meant until that moment. I felt a deep connection to her, the world and all of the mothers before, with and after me. In the weeks that followed, my soul was transformed. All of the little irritating things that bothered me so much in life didn't seem to matter. Nothing was worth the trouble or the worry. Midnight feedings and not getting to shower were not obstacles. They were the price I had to pay for the overwhelming joy that I now had in my life. Now Alice is almost 5 months old. She looks at me, smiles and laughs and I tell her that I am her momma. She slobbers my glasses and sucks on my face and I know that she loves me in her own baby way. So far motherhood has not always been easy but it has always been special. I feel that it is a well fitting accessory that complements who I was, yet forces me to evolve at the same time. Alice has taught me that every moment deserves to be had and experienced without the worry of what the future will bring. This is a challenge everyday. I know that she will get dirty, fall down and be unhappy. I also know that she will be alright. I will be there if she needs me. Not hovering. Not far, far away. Just present. Happy Mother's Day, Mom (Grandma)! You taught me so much- not just in class. Happy Mother's Day to all you other mommas, moms to be, dog moms and cat moms. We are so lucky!

sunset friday

We spent a lovely evening among friends (pictured: Lyndsey, beer) at Motorco. I swear we go there at least once a week. Food trucks are always nearby, it's never too crowded, plenty of outside seating and quality bathroom facilities. What can I say, we are easy to please. Alice enjoyed watching the people and dogs walk by and drooling plentifully . We all watched in horror as a tow truck approached a nearby parking lot- turns out tow truck drivers have to eat too. He was just there for the food. Our little family headed in early for the night while our friends were just getting started. Tired baby and tired Daddy. 

a light dinner

Yummm! Dinner tonight was a super easy salad that my mom showed me. Lettuce layered with avacado, cooked corn, bacon (smokey tempeh for us vegans), dried cranberries, walnuts and sunflower seeds then drizzled with ranch dressing (vegan of course). After dinner we laughed at the table, played grab-face and made rasberries. What a wonderful end to a hectic week. 

dillo dinner

Armadillos are weird little critters. Alice and Byron were looking at me like I was a weird critter. That's fine with me. The 'dillo is so delicious. I like the tostadas with beans and guacamole and the chips with more guacamole. You really can never have enough guacamole. 

nails of the week: democracy

It's Tuesday May 8th, voting day! Get out there and make your voice heard! I feel that it is a privilege to be free to vote as I choose. Brave women fought long and hard for me to have that right. I will always do my part to fight and vote for equality for ALL Americans and ALL North Carolinians!