bachlorette beach house

I spent a lovely weekend in a fantastic beach house on the Carolina coast with a vibrant group of ladies. We gathered from far and wide to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of my friend and future cousin-might as well be sister-in-law, Jordan. She is marrying a strapping man named Gordon. Gordon & Jordan! How cute is that! We had a fabulous weekend in Jordan's grandmother's beach house. It was so special hanging out and getting to see Jordan in the house that she spent so much of her childhood in. Jordan is an amazingly energetic, positive and fun gal and I am so pleased that we really cemented our friendship over the weekend. Jordan is lucky to have some amazing friends and after this weekend I count myself lucky that they have become my friends as well. We had so much fun listening to records, lounging on the beach, thrift store shopping and telling dirty jokes. Alice came with me and napped on the beach, bonded with Jordan's niece (16 mo Vivian), went to bed early and laughed hysterically whenever Jordan would talk to her. So many fun memories! I can't wait to get pin-up ready with these ladies and get our girl hitched!


  1. These pictures are beautiful (and so are the ladies :)

  2. Hey there!
    I just stumbled across your blog and this post was wonderful!
    It made me wanna hit the beach and just sit in the sand with a good novel. :)
    Also, the photos were so lovely!
    The big hat in the first photo is so pretty.

    Have a lovely week!
    much love, colie.