I don't want to wait...

I might be a little unabashadley obsessed with Dawson's Creek. You know, the late 90's drama featuring a group of quick-witted teenagers and their angst against a backdrop of the seaside town of Capeside. Maybe it's the 90's references and fashion or the familiar scenery (it was filmed in and around Wilmington, NC) that draws me to the creek whenever I get a free hour or four. Whatever it is I sometimes feel like I am alone in my ardent appreciation for Kevin Williamson's creation. I'd like to think that there are more creek lovers out there and maybe they are just embarassed to admit their love for the neverending drama that is Dawson's Creek. On my many trips to Wilmington I have walked by Joey's wall and driven by Capeside High and I smile a little at the memories that the show has left with me. I miss Pacey, Jen, Joey's anger and Dawson's tears. Then I get home and take a little trip to the creek and bask in the nostalgia. I vow to take the Dawson's Creek walking tour sometime this year! I hope I won't be alone. Is there anyone out there who appreciates the creek like I do?

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  1. Sadly, yes.

    Now, I'm singing the song, dangit.