mother's day

 This is the moment that I became a mom. I was in love instantly. That is the only way I can describe the connection I felt. She looked me right in the eye and I was done for. I never really truly understood what motherhood meant until that moment. I felt a deep connection to her, the world and all of the mothers before, with and after me. In the weeks that followed, my soul was transformed. All of the little irritating things that bothered me so much in life didn't seem to matter. Nothing was worth the trouble or the worry. Midnight feedings and not getting to shower were not obstacles. They were the price I had to pay for the overwhelming joy that I now had in my life. Now Alice is almost 5 months old. She looks at me, smiles and laughs and I tell her that I am her momma. She slobbers my glasses and sucks on my face and I know that she loves me in her own baby way. So far motherhood has not always been easy but it has always been special. I feel that it is a well fitting accessory that complements who I was, yet forces me to evolve at the same time. Alice has taught me that every moment deserves to be had and experienced without the worry of what the future will bring. This is a challenge everyday. I know that she will get dirty, fall down and be unhappy. I also know that she will be alright. I will be there if she needs me. Not hovering. Not far, far away. Just present. Happy Mother's Day, Mom (Grandma)! You taught me so much- not just in class. Happy Mother's Day to all you other mommas, moms to be, dog moms and cat moms. We are so lucky!

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