Ahh, the twitter was all abuzz about two food truck rodeos in the area. As soon as Byron got home from work I told him that was what I wanted for dinner. There are two approaches to such rodeos. One, pick a truck and get your dinner. Two, sample different foods from several trucks like you would at the fair. I was in a mood to lounge in the park so I decided the second option would be best.

We were pleased to discover this truck tonight. I think Byron was drawn to them because of their name but was then absolutely taken with their local pastrami grilled sandwich. It's too bad he didn't wear his Stones shirt.

I have had the dumplings at Chirba Chirba several times. They are amazing! I've been on a cold salad kick lately so I was very pleased that they were offering a noodle salad. It was so flavorful and beautifully "plated." Isn't that little dumpling face just the cutest thing. 

Will & Pops is another new truck for me. I have seen them around but have never tried them. They also had a pasta salad (vegan) that was super yummy. I would like to visit them again for their PB & banana sandwich. Then there is The Parlour. Ahh, The Parlour. I actually wasn't planning on getting any ice cream since I do have two pints of their delicious blends in my freezer, but they got me with their vegan chocolate syrup. I love their color scheme and business card, so happy and sweet.

  It was a fantastic evening. Even under the threat of thunderstorms we were able to have a picnic, eat amazing local foods and chat with several friends who live nearby. I can't wait to go to another rodeo.

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