ice cream for breakfast

What is one of the best things about being an adult? Getting to eat ice cream for breakfast! Thanks to The Parlour being at the Farmer's Market this morning, we did just that. Byron had Black Raspberry. I had the last scoop of Toasted Coconut. It was awesome!

silver lining

I've was unable to blog last week due to an unwieldy eye infection that kept me away from my camera and away from my computer. I'm all better now and anxious to show you what I've been up to now that I am leaving the house once again. As always, I am trying to keep a positive outlook and find the silver lining to my now cured affliction. So, here it is. I get an excuse to buy all new eye makeup! 

This Tarte mascara is truly amazing. When I was pregnant, my eyelashes really thinned out. I was worried they would stay like that permanently until I started using this product. It is natural and gentle and allowed my lashes to grow back fuller than ever. 

I am trying these Ulta eye crayons in Black Plum and Rich for the first time instead of traditional liner. They go on really smoothly and come in a wide array of colors.

I really like the essence brand of eyeshadow. It is super cheap so you can buy lots of colors. I chose the quattro shadows in wood you mind? and to die for and single colors in mystic purple and disco diva.

nails of the week: bridesmaid

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid for my friend and now cousister, (that's cousin/sister) Jordan! It was a fun and fabulous 50's theme wedding. Jordan wore her Grandmother's wedding dress complete with handmade lace jacket, veil and glovelettes. She was stunning! I wish I had a picture that truly captured her beauty. Our bridesmaid outfits were handmaid dresses from this Etsy shop, petticoats, flowers in our hair and fun black and white nails. We had so much fun dancing the night away and mingling with friends and family. 

11 sites

I don't usually spend too much time on the internet but if I get a free hour or so I do enjoy browsing these sites in particular. They are my favorites. The ones that inspire me to blog. The ones that make me smile and sometimes scream. 

First up...The Big Guns

1     Fearnet is everything horror. You can watch horror movies for free, online. I especially love them
       because I won a prize pack a few years ago. I rock my Fearnet hoodie every fall. 
2     Outblush is a mecca of gorgeous goodies for girls. Browsing this site is like shopping in the coolest 
       mall that sells only the newest and best things. It is a great place to find gift ideas for the ladies in 
       your life.
3     Uncrate is the male version of Outblush. Most of the items are things only James Bond could own
       and afford but there are plenty of budget friendly gift ideas for the men in your life. 
4     Hello Giggles is everything girly and fun. From nail designs to video chat karaoke sessions, it is
       like hanging out with your bffs from all over the web. Most contributors are bloggers or TV writers
       and one of the founders of the site is Zooey Deschanel. 

Next up...The Fashion Blogs. 

5    The Sartorialist is the first fashion blog I ever saw. My bff told me about it. The photography is 
      perfection. Up to the minute fashions from all over the world are chronicled with effortless style and 
6    Keiko Lynn is a expert in style and make-up. Her Monday make-up tutorials have changed my life 
      and her pictures look like the spreads in fashion magazines. 
7    Vixen Vintage is such a lucky gal. She has the most beautiful collection of vintage clothes and
      attends the most glorious vintage events and outings (Gatsby parties, titanic teas), all of which are
      chronicled here. 
8    What I Wore 2Day is a everyday (literally- Kasmira posts what she wears every single day) blog  
      that I find inspiring. Kasmira (such a fun name) shows off her mostly thrift store finds in really
      creative ways. It makes me look at my own clothes that I never wear and see if I can be as daring
      and creative.

Last, but certainly not least...The Personal Blogs

9   Rockstar Diaries is my bff's favorite blog. The photography is beautiful and everyone in the family
     has impecable style. If you stop by, make sure to congratulate them. They just welcomed a baby
10 Enjoying the Small Things is so sweet and beautiful. This family makes me see the beauty in every 
     day and helps me to remember what truly matters in life. If you really want to get some emotions  
     flowing read this birth story. I really admire someone who can be so raw and honest in such a public 
11 Katie's Pencil Box is my absolute favorite blog! I dare you to not be happy after reading it. The 
     pictures, words and songs together create a beautiful catalogue of the daily life of this sweet family. 
     Their love just bursts off the screen. 

What are some of your favorite blogs and websites? 
If you have a blog and are reading this please leave a comment with your web address. I would love to check it out. 

father's day

Happy Father's Day Byron! You are such a wonderful presence in our daughter's life. You make her smile and laugh, change her diapers without complaint, get her ready every morning, and take care of me and my needs so I can take care of her. We are are so lucky to have you. Thank you for putting up with us ladies (Rosy included). You do so much more for us than you will ever know. 

Happy Father's day to you too Dad! You gave me a great example of what a man, father and husband should be. You also taught me how to punch, golf and be silly! 

Hope all you Dads out there have a great day!


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tiny dog

In the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, the question was asked 'What has your pet taught you about life?' This is my pet chihuahua, Rosy. She goes by many names; Mrs. Poses, MiMi, Tiny Tooshes, Beeby Utz, MiMi Utz, you get the picture. I have had the pleasure of her company for eight years. I got her when she was seven weeks old. I potty trained her, took her to puppy kindergarden, cared for her through surgery and teeth cleaning, ticks and eye infections. She has been my cuddle buddy, my warm spot in the bed, my greeter, my someone's-at-the-door alarm, my entertainment and my friend. I have never really thought about what I have learned from her. The most obvious thing, to me now, is that she taught me to be a mom. I learned patience from her, for she still has accidents in the house on a rare occasion. I learned empathy, how to see the world from her tiny and nervous perspective and to plan trips and visits accordingly. I learned many a thing from my tiny dog. I know her, what she likes (peanut butter, high pitched voices), what she doesn't like (people standing around, ear cleanings) and what she needs from me. She has helped mold me into the person that I am and the mom that I have become. She has guided me to my most important role to date. I owe her a lot. It is easy to push her aside and forget her importance, but she was my first baby love. She still needs me and I will be here for her. I will be her warm spot, her cuddle buddy and her friend.  

sad baby/ tofu salad/ dog love

It has been a tough week for our little family. Baby Alice was sent home with a fever, see her little sad face. Even so, we decided to keep to our new Wednesday tradition. This restaurant, Banh's, serves a Vietnamese tofu noodle salad on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Byron vowed to bring home said salad every Wednesday because it is that good (and cheap). Since he had to go home early with the sick baby we decided to all pile in the car for a trip to get our take-out. We invited Rosy along because she never gets to leave the house. 

There it is. Fried tofu, peanuts, carrots, cucumbers, rice noodles, lettuce, onions and sauce all in perfect harmony. Alice is getting really good at her sad face. Don't worry, she is sleeping sweetly. She is a tough gal and can handle a little virus.

Poor Rosy. She clings to me and looks at me with eyes that beg for love and attention. She is a super sweet chihuahua. She taught me how to be a good mom.

nails of the week: Prometheus

Oh my! Another Prometheus post!? That's right, just color me obsessed. Speaking of color, I really like this combo. I used Sally Hansen Black Patent as a base coat then topped it with China Glaze Black Diamond. I was going for the dark, metallic, slick look of the you-know-what in the you-know-where. No spoilers here folks. The red triangles (Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Red) are the logo from Weyland Industries and the gold (Sally Hansen 3K or More) is a little face sucking alien. Cute right? 

That's right. I'm a turbine inspector. 


On my day off I had the rare occasion to go see a movie. I love movies! I miss movies! Having a baby means trips to the theater are rare and precious outings that only occur when the stars are aligned, daycare or babysitters are available, and when a movie worth the time and money is out. It seems like so long ago that I found out about Prometheus. I must confess that I am quite the nerd when it comes to movies. I told my Batman obsessed (to put it lightly) husband that if there was one movie this summer that I could see it would be Prometheus! He asked me why (really, he couldn't fathom why anyone would want to see any movie over The Dark Knight Rises). I will tell you like I told him. It has three of my favorite things. 
1- horror. 2- sci fi. 3- Michael Fassbender. 
I also found out a long time ago that it was being filmed with the same 3D technology that was used in Avatar and whew, it did not disappoint. It looked incredible in IMAX 3D. The story, acting, pace, suspense, scares...perfection! It is seriously one of the top five movies I have ever seen. I can't and I won't tell you anything else about it. It is a rare treat to go into a movie not knowing anything about the plot. Prometheus has been veiled in secrecy for so long I dare not spoil anything for anyone. I will just leave you with David.

baby baby

I noticed that my past few posts have been lacking in adorability. Baby adorability that is. So here are all of my recent Instagram pics of Alice. She's a pretty cool baby, especially since she has been sleeping almost 9 hours at night! We are very blessed parents. Hope you enjoy.

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nails of the week: True Blood

Ooh Sookie! I love me some True Blood! Season 5 starts on Sunday and waiting sucks! To get me in the steamy, southern, campy spirit of the show I thought I would do a vampicure. I got the idea from The Daily Nail. You can't really tell in the pictures but I filed my pinky and index finger nails to resemble fangs. Now back to waiting...

bridal shower

This past Sunday afternoon I joined a lovely group of ladies to shower beautiful Jordan with love and wedding gifts. The fabulous party was thrown by Jordan's sister, Katie, and bff, Holly. We all dressed in our 50's housewife attire, sipped on Coca-Cola, dined on sweets and ooh'd and aah'd at all of the wonderful gifts that Jordan received. 

 This is the dress that I got at Dolly's. I did some research on the tag that was sewn into the seam. It was made by the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union somewhere between 1955 and 1963! Jordan's Grandmother told me that the fabric was referred to as whipped cream and she had owned several dresses like it. The necklace, gloves, purse and earrings all belonged to my Grandma Niecie. 

Jordan's amazing vintage green dress was given to her by her Grandmother. I love the detailing on the bodice and the back. It feels so special to be decked out in clothes and accessories that once made other women feel beautiful. Some things never grow old.

We had so much fun playing dress up and seeing Jordan smile! I love my fellow bridesmaids and I can't wait to see you all soon for the BIG day!!!

Wing tips and Pixy Stix!

kitteh saturday

We had a lovely afternoon on Saturday at a backyard BBQ celebrating our friends' upcoming elopement in Key West. It was a very relaxed affair and we were able to catch up with Byron's cousin Gordon and his fiancee, Jordan and let them get some good baby love. Also present at the party was a sweet mama kitty and her two kittens. They were beyond cute and let Alice pet them and grab their ears (gently, of course). Jordan and I relaxed with our feet in the pool while the boys played cornhole. It was a beautiful day made more beautiful by the wonderful company. 

coming soon...Jordan's bridal shower pics!!! 


Now that you know what the name of my blog means I am proud to unveil the logo that my kind, supportive and hardworking graphic designer husband has created for me. Thank you Byron!

what does it all mean

11 shakes of a persimmon tree. That's the name. What does it mean? I am more that happy to tell you. 11 is a very important number in my life. Byron and I were married on 11/11 of 2007. In our 11th year of being together we had our baby girl in room 11 on the maternity floor guessed it, 11am on the dot! I wanted her middle name to be Eleven, but Byron thought that was just too weird. So, the shaking of a persimmon tree? I am kind of obsessed with this Pete Seeger record that I got for $0.99 called Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes. I played it for Alice everyday during my maternity leave. It features old animal folk songs that are so cute and charming. My favorite song on the record (side 1, band 7) features a possum up the 'simmon tree and a raccoon on the ground. The raccoon asks the possum to shake some 'simmons down. I tried to research the origins of this song as well as some others on the record. They are just old southern folk songs with numerous versions and lyrics. So, there you have it. Coming soon... a logo featuring said possum and raccoon!