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I don't usually spend too much time on the internet but if I get a free hour or so I do enjoy browsing these sites in particular. They are my favorites. The ones that inspire me to blog. The ones that make me smile and sometimes scream. 

First up...The Big Guns

1     Fearnet is everything horror. You can watch horror movies for free, online. I especially love them
       because I won a prize pack a few years ago. I rock my Fearnet hoodie every fall. 
2     Outblush is a mecca of gorgeous goodies for girls. Browsing this site is like shopping in the coolest 
       mall that sells only the newest and best things. It is a great place to find gift ideas for the ladies in 
       your life.
3     Uncrate is the male version of Outblush. Most of the items are things only James Bond could own
       and afford but there are plenty of budget friendly gift ideas for the men in your life. 
4     Hello Giggles is everything girly and fun. From nail designs to video chat karaoke sessions, it is
       like hanging out with your bffs from all over the web. Most contributors are bloggers or TV writers
       and one of the founders of the site is Zooey Deschanel. 

Next up...The Fashion Blogs. 

5    The Sartorialist is the first fashion blog I ever saw. My bff told me about it. The photography is 
      perfection. Up to the minute fashions from all over the world are chronicled with effortless style and 
6    Keiko Lynn is a expert in style and make-up. Her Monday make-up tutorials have changed my life 
      and her pictures look like the spreads in fashion magazines. 
7    Vixen Vintage is such a lucky gal. She has the most beautiful collection of vintage clothes and
      attends the most glorious vintage events and outings (Gatsby parties, titanic teas), all of which are
      chronicled here. 
8    What I Wore 2Day is a everyday (literally- Kasmira posts what she wears every single day) blog  
      that I find inspiring. Kasmira (such a fun name) shows off her mostly thrift store finds in really
      creative ways. It makes me look at my own clothes that I never wear and see if I can be as daring
      and creative.

Last, but certainly not least...The Personal Blogs

9   Rockstar Diaries is my bff's favorite blog. The photography is beautiful and everyone in the family
     has impecable style. If you stop by, make sure to congratulate them. They just welcomed a baby
10 Enjoying the Small Things is so sweet and beautiful. This family makes me see the beauty in every 
     day and helps me to remember what truly matters in life. If you really want to get some emotions  
     flowing read this birth story. I really admire someone who can be so raw and honest in such a public 
11 Katie's Pencil Box is my absolute favorite blog! I dare you to not be happy after reading it. The 
     pictures, words and songs together create a beautiful catalogue of the daily life of this sweet family. 
     Their love just bursts off the screen. 

What are some of your favorite blogs and websites? 
If you have a blog and are reading this please leave a comment with your web address. I would love to check it out. 

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  1. I love Katie's Pencil Box blog! My favorite blog right now is called A Beautiful Mess (http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/). Everything about it oozes creativity and I love their vintage/DIY focus on life and living.

    I just started blogging, and I'd love for you to visit!