silver lining

I've was unable to blog last week due to an unwieldy eye infection that kept me away from my camera and away from my computer. I'm all better now and anxious to show you what I've been up to now that I am leaving the house once again. As always, I am trying to keep a positive outlook and find the silver lining to my now cured affliction. So, here it is. I get an excuse to buy all new eye makeup! 

This Tarte mascara is truly amazing. When I was pregnant, my eyelashes really thinned out. I was worried they would stay like that permanently until I started using this product. It is natural and gentle and allowed my lashes to grow back fuller than ever. 

I am trying these Ulta eye crayons in Black Plum and Rich for the first time instead of traditional liner. They go on really smoothly and come in a wide array of colors.

I really like the essence brand of eyeshadow. It is super cheap so you can buy lots of colors. I chose the quattro shadows in wood you mind? and to die for and single colors in mystic purple and disco diva.

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