tiny dog

In the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, the question was asked 'What has your pet taught you about life?' This is my pet chihuahua, Rosy. She goes by many names; Mrs. Poses, MiMi, Tiny Tooshes, Beeby Utz, MiMi Utz, you get the picture. I have had the pleasure of her company for eight years. I got her when she was seven weeks old. I potty trained her, took her to puppy kindergarden, cared for her through surgery and teeth cleaning, ticks and eye infections. She has been my cuddle buddy, my warm spot in the bed, my greeter, my someone's-at-the-door alarm, my entertainment and my friend. I have never really thought about what I have learned from her. The most obvious thing, to me now, is that she taught me to be a mom. I learned patience from her, for she still has accidents in the house on a rare occasion. I learned empathy, how to see the world from her tiny and nervous perspective and to plan trips and visits accordingly. I learned many a thing from my tiny dog. I know her, what she likes (peanut butter, high pitched voices), what she doesn't like (people standing around, ear cleanings) and what she needs from me. She has helped mold me into the person that I am and the mom that I have become. She has guided me to my most important role to date. I owe her a lot. It is easy to push her aside and forget her importance, but she was my first baby love. She still needs me and I will be here for her. I will be her warm spot, her cuddle buddy and her friend.  

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