what does it all mean

11 shakes of a persimmon tree. That's the name. What does it mean? I am more that happy to tell you. 11 is a very important number in my life. Byron and I were married on 11/11 of 2007. In our 11th year of being together we had our baby girl in room 11 on the maternity floor at...you guessed it, 11am on the dot! I wanted her middle name to be Eleven, but Byron thought that was just too weird. So, the shaking of a persimmon tree? I am kind of obsessed with this Pete Seeger record that I got for $0.99 called Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes. I played it for Alice everyday during my maternity leave. It features old animal folk songs that are so cute and charming. My favorite song on the record (side 1, band 7) features a possum up the 'simmon tree and a raccoon on the ground. The raccoon asks the possum to shake some 'simmons down. I tried to research the origins of this song as well as some others on the record. They are just old southern folk songs with numerous versions and lyrics. So, there you have it. Coming soon... a logo featuring said possum and raccoon!

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  1. That is so cool and unique. Love it ;)