11 awesome things from today

Today was a fantastic day! Here are 11 reasons why...
1   This super cute dress that my cosister, Jordan, brought me back from her honeymoon. How nice is  
2   Three hours at Bella Trio day spa
3   An amazingly relaxing swedish massage from Rebecca
4   A fabulous pedicure with a little fun nail art from Ashlee
5   An equally stunning manicure from Ashlee as well
6   Lunch with my loving husband who gifted me with the luxurious spa retreat for Mother's Day
7   Time to go see The Amazing Spiderman and it was really entertaining
8   A 10$ striped sweater from Urban Outfitters that I found super fast that kept me warm in the   
     freezing theater
9   A silvery, sparkley new iPhone case was delivered
10 Baby Banz earmuffs 
11 This sweet baby 


  1. Also, the slushie machine at the movie theater was working so I got my favorite, half cherry/ half cola!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day, indeed. I love your dress and shoes in the first pictures!