buffalo "chicken" pizza

Eating a vegan diet means that when I crave something I usually have to figure out how to make it myself. I have been thinking about this pizza recipe for a while. Years ago, Domino's introduced a buffalo chicken pizza and I probably ordered three in one week. I remember it tasting so good. To veganize it, I started with a pre-made pizza dough and slathered on some wing sauce. For the "chicken" I used Delight soy patties that are locally produced. I deep fried them to give then a golden crispiness, cut them up, stirred them around in a little more hot sauce and layered them over pizza. I topped it all with Daiya mozzarella and baked it in the oven till the "cheese" melted. I also like to broil my pizzas for a few minutes to get the "cheese" a little crispy.

The pizza turned out amazing. Especially when dipped in vegan ranch dressing. For the dressing I use this powder from The Spice House mixed with Veganaise and soy milk.

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