farmer's market

We braved the heat and went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. I was so excited to test out my new camera lens (more on that later). I enjoyed an iced soy latte at Kona Chameleon and felt very professional as I discussed said camera lens with the gentleman who made my drink. 

There are so many beautiful foods to eat and buy at the market during the summer. It is difficult to narrow down the choices and decide what to take home. Byron has plans to make a salsa verde so he chose some jalape├▒o peppers from Lil' Farm to go with his tomatillos and onions. 

I chose some gorgeous blackberries, peaches and a zucchini ball!

I really wish I liked eating raw tomatoes. They are strikingly beautiful and come in so many colors and shapes. I will have to just be content photographing them instead of eating them. 

This is a zucchini ball! I think I will slice it, batter it, fry it and serve it on a bun with some vegan ranch dressing! 


  1. I love the blueberry photo! Our little town is having its annual Farmer's Market and this reminded me how I need to get out and see the goodies.

    1. Thanks! I will have to get some of those blueberries soon. They always taste like summer to me.