nails of the week: Breaking Bad

We are kind of obsessed with Breaking Bad in our house (careful of the Spoilers on that link if you haven't watched through season 4). Byron wears his Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt proudly and we are anxiously awaiting the beginning of season 5. It starts tonight!!! So in honor of the start (and what may be the end for some) of the season I did Breaking Bad themed nails. 

Br and Ba are for the shows title. The yellow shirt and blue tie are for Gus. Need I say what the blue is for?

The sketch artist's rendering of "Heisenburg"

In addition to the Walt/ Heisenburg nail, I tried to do one for each of the other characters. Marie- purple (aptly called No Means No). Skyler- peach and green for her robe that she always wears. Walt Jr.- breakfast. Jesse- black and red with sparkles, like one of his shirts. The blue color is called Blue Me Away! 

I have a few more fun ideas for Breaking Bad nails. I will probably do them again for the series finale. 


  1. Yay Breaking Bad! Great show. Also love your weekly nail themes :)

    1. Thanks! It's fun and challenging to come up with new ideas.