weekend fun

My BFF and I had a super fun weekend. We got to hang out twice! We spent Saturday afternoon at the mall, shopping and seeing a certain "Magic" movie. I was pleased to get some really good deals on some really cute stuff. I must confess that I tend to exclusively shop in the clearance sections of most stores. I love the hunt for a bargain. I brought home this really adorable book for Alice (and Byron, Saul Bass is a favorite of his) and this beautiful beaded hair clip. They were both on clearance at Anthropologie for $8! I found this breezy skirt at Nordstrom for $15! 

We spent Sunday at Motorco listening to the bluegrass tunes of Cabinet and playing with Alice. The band was really fun and they even played the Groundhog song that Pete Seeger sings on my favorite record. We had such a good time, they had to turn the lights on to get us to leave. 

I convinced Beth to get her own blog started. She has been thinking about it for a while and now it is here! I can't wait to see what kind of things she will post about. Hopefully, there will be a lot of fashion. She has amazing style and a large collection of cute clothes. 

We are really lucky to have such a well behaved and happy baby to accompany us on our many outings. She is such a joy and really seems to enjoy music and friends as much as we do. 

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  1. Dood! Alice is 1. hilarious in the picture with BB and 2. way too grown up in the picture with BR!