weekend fun

Our little family had a lovely weekend. We dined on shrimp sausage and grits at the Gulf Rim and hung out at the park for a little bit for Alice's first swinging experience. She didn't seem too thrilled. We will have to try again when she is more awake and the sky isn't as cloudy and nap-inducing. 

We missed the Farmer's Market (Batman) on Saturday morning. To get our weekly fill of farm fresh goodies we drove to Fickle Creek Farm. Farmer Noah and his trusty dog sold us eggs, sausage and chicken and used his iPad to check us out. It's pretty crazy how the old and new coincide. He also welcomed us to take a walk around and check out their ducks. A giant dog guards the ducks, or maybe he just hangs out with them because they are cool. 

Since we were out in the farmlands, we decided to drive by Maple View Farm and stop by their  Country Store for a sweet treat. Clown Willie was there making balloon animals for the kids. It was quite the popular place for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Cars were lined up just waiting to park. 

What a fun weekend we had. I hope your weekend was fun as well. 


  1. How does one cool off with a 'nana shake'? I call one of my grandmothers 'nana' and I don't think I'd enjoy her in shake form. But that's probably because she's diabetic so it'd be like a shake made with splenda. Blech!

    1. That's BAnana silly:) Alice keeps saying YaYa everytime she eats bananas, so for her it would be a yaya shake!

    2. Divine Secrets of the Banana Sisterhood!