western trip: the food

We have so many fond memories of the cheap yet excellent cuisine that we enjoyed during our college years. We couldn't wait to get back and see which of our favorites were still there. I often went to the Coffee Shop by myself. It was a quiet place to go and read and drink, well, coffee. It's a small diner where the locals go. I think that's why I liked it to much. No loud college kids hanging around. Byron had never been there before this trip. They cook an excellent breakfast, fast and cheap. 

Colima might be one of my most favorite restaurants ever. It is the mexican restaurant that I judge all mexican restaurants by. I can't tell you how many times I have said "This place is good, but it's not Colima's." I was completely overjoyed that it was still serving food to the greater Sylva area. It was like a trip back in time, as if nothing had changed. Seriously, the same waiters, decor, food, cashier, it was incredible. I hope it will be there every time that we go back to visit Western. 

There was one new eatery that we tried, Guadalupe's. It was a really cute spot. It had stegosauruses, lanterns, black and white floors and a really eclectic menu. Byron had goat (locally raised of course). I had blackened plantains with tofu in a curry sauce. Blackberry and currant cobbler was dessert. 

City Lights was the local coffee bar/ jazz lounge/ brunch spot/ bookstore/ college kid-with-a-laptop hang out. It still is pretty much. The owners changed but the food was still amazing. 

The Well House is a local deli in Dillsboro that caters mainly to tourists. Their Prime Rib, on Friday nights, and Reuben sandwiches are the most loved menu items. It is named for the actual working well that was one of the first in the area back in the 1800's.

A trip back to college wouldn't be complete without a drive through the Brew Thru. Local and college girls will bring your beer to your car for you, for tips of course.

Sadly, we didn't get a chance to get any ice cream from Jack the Dipper this trip. Even so, I had to include the sign. They win the prize for the best named eatery, I think.

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  1. Ever since I married my husband (who is Puerto Rican) I have added plantains to my diet and I LOVE THEM. I can only imagine how tasty that dish was!