western trip

Byron and I were lucky enough to meet each other in the year 2000 at Western Carolina University (Go Catamounts!). We started dating in January of 2001. He graduated in 2002. I graduated in 2003. We fondly remember our time in the mountains and still keep in touch with most our friends from college. Neither of us had been back to visit the small towns of Cullowhee, Sylva or Dillsboro since we graduated. We recently decided that a trip to the past was just what we needed. 

We stayed in Dillsboro and spent a couple of days touring our old haunts, favorite restaurants and the college campus. If you have never been to this area, you should go visit. It is magnificent in the Fall when the leaves change. There are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy and the mountain scenery is breathtaking. We spent a lot of time in downtown Sylva (pictured below). Surprisingly, the music store where we purchased many a CD was still in business. We got a few used records and browsed through their section of second-hand baby clothes (weird right?). We also made a visit to the hospital where I learned how to be a Medical Technologist. It was also the hospital where the beginning of movie The Fugitive was filmed.

The first time Byron and my parents met was on this train. We took a six hour train ride together up the mountains while they got to know each other. I had to include a trip to Wal-Mart on our nostalgic tour. Late night trips to Wal-Mart were sometimes the only thing us poor college kids could afford to do for fun. 

I have many more pictures from our trip to the past to share.

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