mad men (and women)

We recently had quite the gathering at our little home celebrating the 60's Mad Men era. We needed an excuse for Byron to use his vintage cocktail sets and new bar tending skills (he specializes in classic cocktails). Luckily, we have fabulous friends that always dress for the occasion. Everyone came in their  vintage best. It was quite a classy affair. 

We really had a laugh browsing through the old magazines. I always thought the 40's was my favorite styled decade, but the 60's were really unique. I love the way that people were obsessed with modernizing, like with home decor. Everything just had such style. 

My parents were very helpful in planning the menu of canap├ęs. Did you know Easy Cheese was invented in the 60's? I fixed an assortment of olives, pickles and cheese that were skewered to a grapefruit for style. This was something my Grandmother did every holiday. I used The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook for the stuffed celery, onion dip, pineapple upside-down cake, and deviled egg recipes. The most surprisingly tasty food was the pickled okra rolled in ham with cream cheese. They were amazing. 

We had such a fun time gathered with friends. Alice was a angel and went right to sleep at 8pm so we could revel with our guests into the late hours. Even Rosy took part. 

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends who never think twice about dressing up for a themed party! You all looked fabulous and you made the night! 


  1. Oh my god, EMily, you throw/attend THE BEST themed parties!!!

  2. Yeah this is completely awesome! All of that food looks amazing! Everyone looks very classy and 60'ed up!

  3. I love all the photos (especially of Alice and Lil 'Poses)!! The one of you and Alice turned out great :)

  4. Excellent crew of folks!