For my birthday dinner Byron took me to Mateo, a new tapas restaurant in Durham. Everything about this place was incredible. The decor is beautiful, and while the atmosphere is relaxed the food is exquisitely presented. Every dish was so flavorful. The servings were perfect, light yet satisfying.  

We enjoyed chicken skewers, marinated clams, mussels, scallops and shrimp, a chicken-pot-pie empanada with creamed corn, and a fried egg with white asparagus. The fried egg was probably my favorite. I have no idea how they breaded and fried an egg while keeping the yolk soft. 

There were large antique mirrors high in the dining area. It was such a beautiful and friendly spot. We finished our meal with a bibb lettuce salad and smoked trout with potato chips and a quail egg. My birthday "cake" was dulce de leche and chocolate mousse. Such a beautiful meal at such a beautiful place. What a great way to finish off my birthday week. 

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