the scrap exchange

Here it is, The Scrap Exchange. The anything and everything store that will inspire you to create. It's like a garage sale/ yard sale/ antique store/ craft store/ bulk warehouse store full of everything that you never knew you needed. It gets better, everything is recycled! You know that saying One man's trash is another man's treasure, The Scrap Exchange is the X on the map!

You see how much stuff! It's incredible. Row after row of discarded supplies that can be bought for a song and given new life! There is also beautiful artwork throughout the exchange, created with the "scraps."

This is my haul of stuff, minus a piece of tile that I put on our kitchen counter. Yes, they have a whole wall of tile and marble pieces and samples. I will probably go back often since it is cheap and fun and oh so inspiring. 


  1. Why didn't you buy R2?! And I can't wait to go!

    1. He was not the droid I was looking for.