wedding party

I gathered with some of my lovely coworkers (and friends) to celebrate Jamie's engagement in a super fun way. We had a wedding planning party! The blushing bride (up top, in the veil) was gifted an amazing array of wedding magazines. We had so much fun browsing through them for ideas and inspiration. Us wedded ladies brought our wedding albums to reminisce over and quite enjoyed all of the wedding talk.

We watched The Wedding Date and snacked on pizza, mini quiche, chips, cookie cups, ice cream and wine. I painted their nails also (pics to come). It was like a super girly, wedding themed slumber party (except we all went home to sleep because we had to work on Saturday). I don't think Jamie ended up planning anything specifically, but she showed us her ideas and some crafts that she had started for the big day. We had a blast and ate way too much. We also decided that we should do it all over again and wear our wedding dresses next time!

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