my day in 11 photos

I was free as a bird today with a little bird in tow. We had a really fun time out and about. Breakfast was a pumpkin latte and pumpkin muffin (cheerios too) in a little coffee shop decorated with watercolors and colorful characters. 

We spent a while reading books at the library. Alice discovered the board books section and had a grand time sorting through all of the ones within her reach. I was very pleased to discover they have a teenager room with more young adult fiction than you can shake a stick at. Post apocalyptic teen romance novels might be my most favorite genre ever. (I just finished Divergent and Insurgent!! EEK! SO good! I checked out Crossed and just started The Forest of Hands and Teeth. It's post apocalyptic AND Zombies!!!) I know I'm 31, don't judge. 

After a lovely lunch and a flu shot for Alice we chilled in the nursery while The Gaslight Anthem album Handwritten soaked into my soul. Their nostalgic sound is so comforting to me. I think Alice likes it too. 

We sat out on the stoop with Mrs. Poses while we waited for Byron to get home from work. Some storm clouds and light rain closed out the afternoon. Now Alice is tucked in bed, asleep, and I get a few quiet moments to myself. It has been a good day. 

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