nails of the week: The Walking Dead

I love everything horror, especially zombies. The Walking Dead inspired my nails this week with the green decay color of the zombies and the blood spatter from their final demise. The green base color is Revlon's Spanish Moss. The red splatter is Revlon's Raven Red. To get the proper splatter effect take a plastic straw and cut it into a piece about 2-3 inches long. Dip one end in the nail polish so it covers the opening. Hold it about 3-4 inches over the nail to be splattered and blow a swift puff of air through the straw. As long as enough polish was covering the opening of the straw it should splatter fairly well. It takes a few tries to get right and the clean up is intense (yet appropriately zombie-esque). I recommend using scotch tape around your nails to make clean-up much easier. It also helps to practice splattering the polish on a paper plate before doing it on your painted nail.

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