NaNoWriMo update: WINNER!

I did it! I wrote over 50,000 words towards my first novel. I feel amazingly accomplished but I am not done. This month of intense writing and chore-ignoring has taught me that I can do this. I can write everyday. Even if its just a few sentences or 2000 words on a weekend morning. I can put my daydreams to paper and create worlds. I can tell stories that excite me. I can and I will! My goal now is to finish the story that I set out to tell and keep writing. I have a prompt to finish for a writing group, a short story for a local contest and a new novel idea (check out my pinterest board, Rusalka, if you are curious). Best of all, I have a new dream. NaNo has taught me that I can do the unimaginable if I just try.

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