2012: out with the old

I feel like this past year slipped through my fingers. In the blink of an eye, we reached the end of December of 2012. Here is my list of 11 favorite times and memories from this wonderful year.

1     I started this blog in March. I love taking pictures everyday and sharing them with you. It hasn't always been easy, somedays it felt like a chore. But as I look back, I pleased to have a diary of moments from my life to share.

2     Time with Alice. I was very lucky to spend 12 weeks at home with my baby girl after she was born. Every little smile, giggle and sound is like gold. She makes everyday special in ways I never thought possible. I am thankful for every moment with her. Time sure does fly.

3     I got two sisters. I was in two beautiful weddings and gained two sisters in the process. This bridal shower was perfection.

4     We spent a whole week at the beach over the summer. I loved seeing Alice play in the sand and surf. Her first visit to the beach will always be one of my favorite memories. Her Aunt and Great Grandma came along and cheered her on.

5     Time with friends. I am lucky to have one of the bestest best friends in the whole world. She is a wonderful aunt to Alice. I love seeing the joy they bring to each other, it is so sweet and special to me. I also had the pleasure of spending quality time with some casual acquaintances who quickly became fantastic friends.

6     Speaking of friends, we were able to throw a swell party for all of ours. We had so much fun planning and organizing the event. Alice is quite the social butterfly and has not hindered our social life one bit.

7     It seems like we traveled a bunch this year. Recent trips to Wisconsin and Florida and several trips to Wilmington early in the year were all fun and exciting but our vacation out west was inspirational and unique.

8     We also traveled close to home. Western Carolina University has had many changes since we graduated, but it is still very much the same as when we fell in love.

9     My resolution this year was to try and purchase my clothes from thrift and consignment stores as often as possible. I wanted to do this to save money and be less of a consumer. As I look through my closet, some of my favorite items were thrifted and vintage. I will definitely continue this practice into the new year.

10    This year, Byron and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were planning and getting ready for the big day. These past five years have not always been easy but we have always supported and loved each other. I am such a lucky gal to have him in my life.

11    I am ending the year in a very different place than I started it. So many things have changed, including me. I am now a writer, author and novelist.

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