Wisconsin vacation via iphone

We arrived in the snowy north in time to celebrate Alice's first birthday. Baby girl is so much fun, full of smiles and belly laughs. She loves dogs and her daddy and just learned to give kisses. She is the joy and light of our lives and brings happiness everywhere she goes. We love her so. We had such fun celebrating with family and eating lots of cake and ice cream. 

Every morning, and most nights, I ate my fill of cookies and fell in love with the Keurig. Nothing says Christmas quite like cookies and a warm mug of creamy goodness. 

We drove further north, after the blizzard blew through, to visit my Grandparents. Alice was all smiles and sweetness and we spent an afternoon playing with Great Grandma's tupperware and eating more birthday cake. We took lots of pictures and made some beautiful memories. The small town's snowy landscape looked just like Bedford Falls from It's A Wonderful Life. It was magical. 

Byron and I took an afternoon to ourselves and explored Brady Street. We had a grand time looking through vintage clothes, old records and oddities at the fun stores lining the snowy streets. 

Once Alice was tucked in for the night I took some time to write. I was able to log over 13,000 words toward a new novel. I love vacations! In this picture I am wearing my new vintage, old man PJ's I purchased at Dragonfly. They are soft, worn in and fit me perfectly. I also discovered this Apple Ale, made by New Glarus Brewing Company. It is a limited edition ale made from Wisconsin apples. I prefer cider beers and this was unlike any I have ever tasted. 

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  1. New Glarus makes the best beer! Their Spotted Cow beer is absolutely the best I've tasted in quite a while.