get well

Whew. 2013 has been a doozy for our little family. I can honestly say I have been sick more days than well. My sweet little girl is also a petri dish of bacteria and viruses. She manages to only get sick for two days at a time. Byron catches it and is out maybe five days. I get sick and it stays around for two weeks or more. No fair. Well, I have had enough. I am on a quest for strengthened immunity. I am using proper hand washing techniques (wash for a full 15 seconds) and I am taking a health tonic every morning. I first heard about this from Iffy Inklings. Apparently my cosister, Jordan, takes it too (Grandmama told me so). I mix two tablespoons of raw honey, two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of vitamin C powder and 2/3 cup of water. This makes enough for two servings. Shake it all in a mason jar and drink it up. The vinegar is quite strong but the honey mellows the taste. I sure hope to see the benefits soon. 

I hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis. Being sick means sleep takes precedence over all hobbies. I miss posting and writing and connecting with you all. (Thank you, Elise, for checking on me!) Somehow, in my absence my pageviews passed 10,000. I appreciate your time and attention and I will do better! 


  1. New background!
    Get/stay well soon!!

  2. Welcome back :) Feel better! I love the Apple cider vinegar and honey mixture. It's so incredibly good for your body in just about every area. It helps your skin, immune system and digestive functions.

  3. I hope this helps!!