nails of the week: galaxy

I love the Galaxy Nails look! I have tried it several time before with varying results. This is by far the most accurate portrayal of space I have been able to create...on my nails. The key to success is twofold. One- use bright primary colors. 
Two- use small and large glitter.

First paint your nails solid black. Then use a make-up sponge to dab on the colors, one at a time. It doesn't matter how they layer or how much you use- just experiment with what you think looks best. Finally, use the glitter as a top coat. 

The primary colors (pink instead of red works just fine) mix and meld to create a mood ring effect. They magically combine, creating green and orange and even some purple. 

This is the perfect glitter polish for the task. It is made by Pure Ice and only $1.97! The small flecks and big pieces of glitter give depth to the galaxy, creating the illusion of space travel...right on your finger tips. 


  1. I love this! do you have any tips on getting glitter polish off? It takes FOREVER for me to get it off so I never use it!

    1. Glitter is a real pain to remove. I make sure to use the high quality, makeup remover cotton pads instead of cotton balls or TP. I usually buff my nails with a superfine grain file before I paint them. This will remove any stuck on pieces (the bigger the glitter, the more it sticks) and make the next polish application stay longer. Maybe I'll do a post about it. Thanks for the question.

    2. Awesome, great tips! Thanks for getting back to me =)