baking nook

I feel the need for more sweet, baked goods in my life. So, I did a little (actually, a lot) of rearranging and cleaning in my kitchen to create a baking nook. Here is a list of eleven essentials for a baking haven. 

1      A variety of sprinkles and jimmies
2      Dessert plates
3      Cupcake liner papers
4      Cookies cutters
5      Ingredients: flour, sugar, powdered sugar
6      Measuring spoons and cups
7      Baking cookbooks (they should really be called bakebooks, right?)
8      Grandma Niecie's recipe box
9      Pink mixer
10    Pink spatulas
11    Jello molds (belonged to my Grandma Niecie)


  1. Wow... you have a beautiful kitchen display! I wish I could have open shelving, but we rent at the moment. I love what you've done :)

  2. looks great! I love the vintage jello molds.

  3. I'm loving everything about this! Especially the pink mixer!