light box

Mmmm, pie. I just finished off the last piece. But this post isn't about pie, it's about taking pictures of pie. I love my house, but the sunlight only shines in during the early morning and evening hours. Good for heating and cooling costs, not so good for photography. So, here is my new favorite accessory, the light box.

I took those pie pics on a particularly cloudy and rainy day. Evidence: my poor dog bathed in darkness (see two pics down). This light box has saved me from flash and florescent lighting disasters. I found instructions for it here. My only complaint: it takes up a lot of space. 

I like to set it in the doorway when the sunlight (or what little sunlight can escape from the oppressive clouds) is present. The tissue paper on the sides and top of the box diffuses the light and softens the shadows for photography perfection. 
*I also prefer to lighten all of my photos in Photoshop by playing with the curves*

One must be careful to keep any animals away from the foods being photographed. 
Warning: styled foods are sometimes smaller then actual foods being eaten. 

*The above picture was taken on my kitchen counter, as evidenced by the inconsistent lighting.

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