farm gals

This weekend we went on a Farm Tour. A bunch of the local farms opened their gates for visitors to come in and look around. It is such an amazing opportunity to see the animals and shake the hands of the farmers that work so hard to provide us with good, quality food. 

The farmer at Cedar Grove Windy Hill Farm was so kind. He let up hop the fence and meet his beautiful cows up close. 

We were prepared for mud and muck, but this little farm gal kept losing her boots. 

My bff and her man came along for the fun. 
If you ever get a chance to tour farms, please do. We live in an area that is ripe with caring farmers who raise their animals in the best way possible. They are so knowledgeable and excited about what they do and are so open to sharing their practices. We are proud to support our local farms and we can't wait to visit them again next year. 

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