I am no gardener. I kill plants. Even the easy 'Oh, you just water them once a week' plants die under my care. So, I like weeds. They bloom into pretty flowers all over the yard and I didn't have to lift a finger. I took some pics of the prettiest ones and inadvertently captured a bee mid-flight. He likes the weeds too. 

We don't have grass in our yard. We have these pretty little blue and purple flowers instead. I made sure to capture their beauty before Byron mows the "lawn."

Our Cherry Tree is so pretty for about a week before all the petals fall off and blow around like snow. 

I can't take credit for this flower. It's a thriving survivor, left over from a previous caretaker. 

This is my favorite one. We have one patch of these. They are so closely packed you can pick them by the handful and make a posy. 

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  1. that bee photo is really cool! cherry blossoms are definitely my favorite. i love when the petals blow around in the wind . . . it's so magical.