our visit to Jurassic Park

So, I went to see Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D. It was superamazingawesome. Seriously, so much fun. I felt like I was at the park. Being chased. By dinosaurs. Did I mention we went to the zoo and were actually surrounded by full-size moving dinosaurs (and children screaming)? No? Here are some pics. 

Don't worry. I drive fast. 

I quoted the entire opening scene of Jurassic Park when I saw this unloading box. Byron really enjoyed my reenactment. And yes, I know every word to that movie. 

They had a paleontology dig site and information on how to clone dinosaurs. 

I do think the entrance could use some work. They need big gates. And fire. 

And you thought I was kidding. These were super realistic. They moved and made all kinds of dinosaur noises. 

"You bred raptors?!" 

Alice laughed in the face of danger and blew kisses at the Giganotosaurus.

Other children were running and screaming. I was so proud. 

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