weekend update

It finally spring around here. New beginnings. Fresh colors. And so much stuff to do. I'm sorry I haven't posted all week. I started going to the gym, again. Sometimes it seems like when you start spinning a new plate you start dropping the other ones. I swear, I just need like two more hours in each day and I could get so much done. Anywhew, I'm catching up on photo editing and I'll have some great posts coming up. I promise. 

Have you been to Cracker Barrel lately? No? Go. Now. Order the Very Berry Pancakes. 
This is becoming a weekend tradition for us. Breakfast at the Barrel. Alice loves it. She had carrots this morning. And eggs. And hashbrown casserole. That girl can eat. 

We have this one odd patch of flowers in our yard. I grabbed a handfull of them and brought them inside. They are so pretty all clumped together. 


Alice's impromptu dance. I love having an excuse to dance and be silly in public. 


  1. I love hashbrown casserole! Alice really has some moves!

  2. She follows so well! Get that baby in baby dance!

    Also, sweet head banging moment.