11 things to be excited about

Do you hear the that? The sound of fireworks and clapping?
It's my list of 11 things to be excited about!!! Why? Because after a hard week, I needed a good, swift turn around in the attitude department.
I realized today is the 22nd, which means my birthday is only 3 months away. And I get really excited about my birthday. So now that I spoiled number one (sorry, I just can't contain myself), here are 10 more things to be excited about.

As a footnote, I have the utmost respect for the loss suffered by so many in Oklahoma. I cannot even comprehend such destruction. Please donate to the Red Cross, if you can.

Human kindness and caring is always something to be excited about.


  1. Yay to new herbs, the Beautiful Mess app, and everything else! I like the new layout!

  2. i agree, i love the new layout! these are all great things to be excited about, espcially chubby baby legs ;-)

  3. I'm growing some herbs too! My first and I'm so darn proud. :)