I love good southern barbecue, or bar-b-que, or BBQ. Heck, there is as much controversy over how to spell it as there is over how to eat it! I like mine served as pulled pork dripping with a sweet and smokey molasses and ketchup based sauce. This is considered Western Carolina Style. Round here, people like theirs smothered in a peppery vinegar sauce with plenty of slaw. I'll tell you what. It's growing on me, this Eastern Carolina style. 

We went for some bar-b-q at Allen & Sons, a local institution and winner of numerous awards. It was excellent. The meat was amazing, but I still prefer my thick, dark sauce. Alice surprised us all by eating up the cole slaw and okra. 

Oh, then there's the blueberry pie... a la mode. 

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  1. fried okra, huh? are you sure she's not my child?