farm tour day 2

It was a rainy Sunday, but we gathered our slickers and boot and went to see more farms. After all, the Farm Tour only happens once a year. 

We absolutely loved Spence's Educational Farm for Kids. All their land, activities and animals are devoted to teaching children through summer camps and after school camps. It was so fun, I wish I could go to camp there. They have horseback riding, a pottery shop, a wood working shop and even a swimming hole for those hot summer days. 

This is a persimmon tree (yay) in the orchard at Minka Farm. They grow all kinds of fruits, even pawpaws and jujubes. We also got to see them shear a sheep, with actual shears instead of electric clippers. Those sheep are super soft. Also, the sheep don't recognize each other after they are sheared. I had the same problem when I went blond. 

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