weekend sweets

We had a lazy Saturday just lounging around the house. We all stayed in our pajamas and got Chinese takeout for lunch around 2pm. 

I had a fun girls night out at the wedding of my friend, Astrid. It was such a romantic and lovely occasion. I danced the night away and ate the best strawberry cream filled wedding cake. 

I had wedding favors for breakfast. Guava filled pastries and jordan almonds made a great morning after snack. 

I gave Alice some giant blackberries. It was such a mess. Byron cringed at the sight. Not me, I love messes. 

We had a weird package from the people who installed our air conditioner. It was heavy and sounded like metal in the box. It was a tin lunchbox filled with cookies!

wedding fun

I had the distinct honor of going with my bff to try on wedding dresses! Wedding planning can get overwhelming, so I wanted to make sure she had a grand time. I brought an assortment of macaroons from Meil Bon Bons, some champagne in tiny bottles and a bouquet- for effect.

No decisions were made that day. Which just means more trips to try on more dresses. Yay! She just looks so pretty in them all and I love everything wedding related!

No spoilers here, just a little sparkle and lace. 

morning pedicure

I love getting my hands on these tiny toes. As long as she has a snack she sits still and lets me paint her piggies. 

Alice chose a pretty coral color to match her sunny PJs. 

She sure did like her painted toes. 

we are family

Last week, we had the whole fam damily in town. We managed to get everyone together for an evening and take a picture to mark the occasion  This little sweetie was so much fun. He grunts and snores and is such a little man. 

Alice is a very social gal and was noticeably upset when everyone left and the house was quiet again. She also keep saying 'baby' although she pronounces it 'bay-BEE.'

We sure are a silly bunch. 

Like father like son. 


While we were in DC, we took a quick trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. It was crazy busy and packed full of people. Not the easiest place to maneuver a stroller. But we did take our time through the rocks and minerals room. These were a few of my favorites. Hank would be proud, don't you think?

**Breaking Bad returns soon. OOOH, I can't wait!**


Byron with his nephew and Alice. 


I love all the buildings in DC. They look like castles gathered in the city. So light and clean.

nails of the week: flower

I found this new brand at Walmart. Flower by Drew Barrymore. The packaging is simple and beautiful and the products I've tried feel rich and expensive. But, their not! I have had my eye of these nail polish colors for a few weeks. The blue is called April Showers and is unlike any nail color I have ever seen. The coral is called What's the Daffodilly-O. It resembles the ever popular Essie Tart Deco. 

The lip butter in Cherry Chiffon is my new go-to red. It goes on like chap-stick but leaves a deep red color. The Lash Knockout mascara works for me also. I am a drugstore make-up gal, all the way. I love finding new products that feel just as luxurious as their boutique rivals. What are some of your favorite drugstore finds?


Alice, JP. JP, Alice. 

I think they like each other. 

our weekend

Alice was invited to play piano at the White House. 
Just kidding. 

We were in our nation's capital for a wedding. We visited with family and enjoyed the festivities. On our way out of town we toured DC for a bit. 

dentzel carousel

This carousel has a magic. The sweet nostalgic joy of one hundred years of children's laughter and smiles. 

The menagerie of animals, with their painted skins and glass eyes, are all at once whimsical yet forlorn. 

This ride is a piece of time, carved by hand and restored with the upmost care. 

 I like to imagine how the smell of popcorn and sound of small, stomping feet hasn't changed much in the last hundred years. Sure, the gears are tired from all the kids, young and young-at-heart, but not the animals. I'd like to think they are proud to still serve their purpose. 

 Small hands still hold tight onto the golden poles as the carousel turns, round and round. The calliope's sweet song still whistles through the hot summer air.

 It's the kind of ride you need to take more than once. 

For more information, and the complete story of the Dentzel Carousel visit Burlington City Park.

a good day

Yesterday will go down in the history of our lives as one of my favorite days. Alice is almost a year and a half old. Her joy and sweet demeanor show more and more each day, but when we get out of the house her spirit truly shines. 

We went to a party at Burlington City Park. There was face (and leg) painting, amusement rides and even a train. We ate salty popcorn and rode the carousel again and again. 

Alice was unsure at first about the giant, colorful animals but her confidence quickly grew. She was brave and held on tight. 

 It was a day of sticky smiles, skinned knees and sweaty noses. I loved every second.

11 songs of summer

Yes, you read that right. Summer. I can't believe it is June already! Time for beach trips, kiddie pools and sun burns. I've heard so many new songs lately that really make me smile. Here they are in no particular order. 

Here is a link to my playlist in Spotify. Scroll down, on the list, to see all 11 songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you want more music, check out my list from last summer