dentzel carousel

This carousel has a magic. The sweet nostalgic joy of one hundred years of children's laughter and smiles. 

The menagerie of animals, with their painted skins and glass eyes, are all at once whimsical yet forlorn. 

This ride is a piece of time, carved by hand and restored with the upmost care. 

 I like to imagine how the smell of popcorn and sound of small, stomping feet hasn't changed much in the last hundred years. Sure, the gears are tired from all the kids, young and young-at-heart, but not the animals. I'd like to think they are proud to still serve their purpose. 

 Small hands still hold tight onto the golden poles as the carousel turns, round and round. The calliope's sweet song still whistles through the hot summer air.

 It's the kind of ride you need to take more than once. 

For more information, and the complete story of the Dentzel Carousel visit Burlington City Park.


  1. i still think you should write/narrate children's books :)

  2. o I love this post! The photos amazing! I've been wanting to go to that carousel soon! It's close to me in greensboro but it has kind of strange hours! I love the title of your blog as well! It's perfect! Thank you for joining the nc blogger link up!

    I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower and can't wait to read more from you!

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