nails of the week: flower

I found this new brand at Walmart. Flower by Drew Barrymore. The packaging is simple and beautiful and the products I've tried feel rich and expensive. But, their not! I have had my eye of these nail polish colors for a few weeks. The blue is called April Showers and is unlike any nail color I have ever seen. The coral is called What's the Daffodilly-O. It resembles the ever popular Essie Tart Deco. 

The lip butter in Cherry Chiffon is my new go-to red. It goes on like chap-stick but leaves a deep red color. The Lash Knockout mascara works for me also. I am a drugstore make-up gal, all the way. I love finding new products that feel just as luxurious as their boutique rivals. What are some of your favorite drugstore finds?

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