weekend sweets

We had a lazy Saturday just lounging around the house. We all stayed in our pajamas and got Chinese takeout for lunch around 2pm. 

I had a fun girls night out at the wedding of my friend, Astrid. It was such a romantic and lovely occasion. I danced the night away and ate the best strawberry cream filled wedding cake. 

I had wedding favors for breakfast. Guava filled pastries and jordan almonds made a great morning after snack. 

I gave Alice some giant blackberries. It was such a mess. Byron cringed at the sight. Not me, I love messes. 

We had a weird package from the people who installed our air conditioner. It was heavy and sounded like metal in the box. It was a tin lunchbox filled with cookies!


  1. Oh, my goodness. That's the best story I've ever heard about getting an a/c installed. Fantastic.

  2. oh my gosh! that wedding cake is immaculate. . . sounds tasty too!