daddy's girl

I remember when Byron and I found out we were having a girl, he had a moment of panic. "What am I going to do with a girl?" He said. More out of surprise at the reality of the whole situation. Certainly not disappointment. "The same things you would do with a boy." I said. This coming from the only child of a football coach who was 'encouraged' to play tennis and golf in the heat of Florida summers. It's wonderful to see Alice and her daddy playing together. Her, with her batman shirt, fearlessly climbing the stairs to the slide.

While watching him push her in this little blue truck I had the thought that not too long from now he will be teaching her to drive and her little hands gripping the wheel won't be so little. But she will have that same look of determination on her face and that ever present attitude of 'I can do it myself.' She gets that from me. But she will still need her daddy. 

Also, in the spirit of daddy/daughter sweetness, you have to watch this short zombie film. 

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