date night at Maru

Byron took me out to dinner to try some bibimbap. We went to Maru and it was fabulous. I didn't end up ordering bibimbap. The waiter recommended the shrimp pad thai and I am never a girl to turn down a good pad thai. 

We tried a seafood pancake "appetizer" which was about the size of a pizza. It was served in a hot stone bowl as were our entrees.  

It was a relaxed evening of conversation and laughter and really good food. We agreed that all food should be served in hot stoneware. 

So, this is bibimbap. I realized as I'm typing this that I didn't even taste it. We will just have to go back!

Thanks for the lovely evening, Byron. Sorry I made us sit outside in the heat. 

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  1. I've never had bibimbap, but it looks like something I'd like. And yes... pad thai is amazing. I love how they put a little orchid flower on your dish!