one berry, two berry

Have you ever read this book? It's the story of a boy and a bear who become overwhelmed by berries. Well, let me tell you. Byron, Alice and I are living a real life Jamberry. We can't decide whether to call it Berrygeddon or Berrypacolypse, but either way we have soooo many berries! 

We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). That means every week we receive our share of a farm's produce. We only signed up for the fruit and so far we have received twenty pounds of blueberries and five pints of blackberries. We are three weeks in and it is awesome! Keep up the great work Minka Farm

eleven ways to eat berries 
1. wash and eat plain
2. pie
3. cobbler
4. with yogurt
5. pastry pockets
6. pancakes
7. shortcakes
8. with goat cheese and honey
9. jam
10. mojitos
11. share with friends

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