I read through this technique and I couldn't wait to try it. I love the tilt-shift effect and I was super excited that I could get the same look with my own little camera and lens. I used my 50 1.8 lens at first but found I had better luck with my kit lens. I set my exposure before I removed the lens and I was able to focus manually after the lens was detached. I really want to practice this and see what other shots I can capture. Have you ever tried free-lensing?

I love the vignette the camera captures. 

It did take me many tries to get the focusing right. I think using my kit lens set at 55 worked the best.

I was also very careful to keep my exposed camera innards as covered as possible. And to not drop my lens off the top of a parking deck. 


  1. this looks amazing! it give the graveyard photos an especially mysterious effect.

  2. Hi Emily, I'm one of your new Bloglovin' followers. :)
    I have tried free-lensing before, and it is a fun way to get the depth of field effect. I've also gotten some cool light-leaks at sunset doing this. Your photography is lovely. I found you through the GYB link-up. I love your blog's design and can't wait to read more. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll have to try it again on a sunny day.