nails of the week: the final season

 If you've been around this blog awhile, you have probably seen my numerous references to Breaking Bad. Like this. Or this. Or that time I went to Walt's house. Well, now is a bittersweet time for us fans of the show. The end is upon us. I try not to think about what will happen. Those writers sure are clever, and no matter what guesses I have, It will be the last thing I expect. Breaking Bad is just like that. In honor of the final season (and because I said I would), here are my breaking Bad nails. 

Don't read the details under the third season DVD pic, unless you have seen the end of season 4. There is also a spoiler for season 2- but how could you have not seen through season 2- what are you doing reading this and not watching?!?!

The last time I did Breaking Bad nails, I did a nail for each character. I figured I had to include a nail for Walt and a nail for Jesse this go around. I used various cut up decals to look like Jesse's tattoo. For Walt, I did his birthday bacon. 

I did one nail to represent each season of the show. Above you can see the season 3 nail- Gale Boetticher's notebook. And the season 5 nail- Vamonos pest control. I had to do the iconic Br and Ba again, as well as one blue nail for the product (on next pic- remember how I talked about the SPOILER ALERT- this is your final warning).

The underwear is for season 1. The top nail here is for season 2- the stuffed animal from the plane crash. The second nail in the pic is for our good friend Gus, or what is left of him. 

I hope you like my nails. They were really fun to do. It took me about an hour and a half and 14 different polishes. My nice, supportive husband took the pictures for me. And yes, I am wearing a yellow suit in the background. Here's to the final season.


  1. I am in love with your nails! I also can't wait for the season premiere tonight... so excited!

    1. Thanks! I know right!?!? I want to see how it all will play out, but I don't want it to end.